Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday update

There was nobody working at the house today so I couldn't take a sneek peek inside. Despite this, there are still signs of things happening.

The water tank has been delivered, the front verandah has been tiled but not grouted, the kitchen splashback has been done and I can see tiles around the top of the vanity in the ensuite so assume the bathroom and ensuite tiling has been done.

The broken roof tiles I mentioned a couple of weeks ago have also been fixed this week and look as good as new.

The water tank hides nicely behind the garage up against the laundry wall. It hasn't been plumbed in yet but hopefully it soon will be so it has a chance to fill up with all this rain we have been getting and also stop it getting so boggy on this side of the house.

The tiles are not as dark as I thought they would be and are a bit too close to the brick colour for my liking. Hopefully the grout will give them a bit of contrast.

This shot was on full zoom through the loungeroom window. You can see the splashback has been completed.

Roof all fixed and just like a bought one!