Thursday, February 12, 2009

What a difference a day makes!

A lot can happen in one day as I discovered today. Early this morning the plumbers were busy putting in the drain pipes for the laundry, kitchen and bathrooms whilst the dirt was being spread.

By the end of the day the waffle pods and reo were down. The concreter called me this afternoon to advise that everything was ready for an engineer to inspect tomorrow and then weather permitting, the slab will be poured on Monday. He also advised of the amount of piering used, it came in at 39.9 lineal metres which is less than the tender allowance of 60 lineal metres so that's a bonus.

I went by again after work and it looked like there was still a little more to do on the deep edge beam at the front, none of the little hats were under the reo and there were no waffle pods in the laundry and a couple of other places but I imagine that will all be completed tomorrow if an engineer is to certify everything.

Stay tuned.....