Thursday, February 19, 2009

The big pour!

I had Monday off as I had to do tile selection at Beaumont Tiles and had hoped to see the concrete being poured afterwards. Unfortunately there had been quite a bit of rain over the weekend and during the week which I assume has caused delays as nothing happened onsite.

Tuesday morning I found the concreter guys putting up the last bits of the formwork around the garage. Nothing happened on Wednesday that I could tell (perhaps this was the day the engineer certified everything).

It all happened today (Thursday). It was nice to drive by this morning to find them hard at work pouring the concrete. It's amazing how quickly it happens once they start. Took plenty of photos, some of them are below.

What amazed me even more was that when I went back after work they had even removed all the formwork.

Will post photos of the tiles I selected on the weekend.

Twelve months ago I had never heard of a drop edge or deep edge beam, now I got one!!! (see below)