Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Roof! Roof!!

The frame was completed last week and then on Friday the guttering and fascia appeared. Was a guessing game as to what would come next, either the bricks or the tiles. The tiles turned up yesterday and they started laying them today. If the weather holds out they will probably be finished tomorrow. The green stuff they put down first is called sarking and is a waterproof barrier under the tiles. It is not a standard item but I had to have it since it is a requirement of building in a bushfire prone area.

The guttering is Colorbond Manor Red and the fascia is Colorbond Paperbark. The window frames are Trend Stone Beige which is fairly similar to the paperbark colour. You can only pick it if you hold them up next to each other.

The tiles are Monier Salsa colour in the Waverley profile. Allworth are currently offering completely flat tiles for free (normally cost big bickies) but I thought they might look too flat with the large expanse at the front and I prefer the wavy ones anyway. Everybody seems to be choosing black or grey tiles these days but I like the traditional red colouring and besides, the dark ones really show up the bird poo!!!

When the frame was first put up they installed all the windows but then the lounge room windows disappeared for a day or two and when they reappeared have sat in the garage. I don't know what is going on there but I hope to find out.